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When you have control over your money,

you have control over your life

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Financial Freedom Can Be Your Reality

I’ve gone from someone who was constantly stressed about money to someone who has been able to generate a +$100K investment portfolio, quit my 9-5 corporate finance job, and have the freedom to travel and live anywhere in the world.

Everything I’ve accomplished is because of one thing:

And I want to help you do the same. I help young professionals learn how to MAKE, SAVE & INVEST their money so that they can take back control of their money and their lives.

Let’s Work Together

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I increased my salary by over $50K

My life looks completely different after working with Michael. I moved out all on my own, got a new job, and even started a non-profit organization.

– Liana Langly | Real Estate Analyst

I'm more confident with my money

I’ve gone from a person who was really anxious with my money, to someone who is way more confident when it comes to money and my life. My emotional well-being has completely changed and I’m just a much happier person.

– Ryan Natividad | Education

I'm now a home owner!

2 years ago I had $0 savings and was in $7K of credit card debt. Today, I saved up enough to be able to buy my first-home! 

– Lee-Anne Kim | Supply Chain

I am the CEO of my business

I never felt confident to make my own financial decisions. But after working with Michael, I have the money knowledge and the tools to step in to be the true CEO of my business.

– Jill Parekh | Business Coach

Mastery Over Money Podcast

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